A place where leaders of the world are trying to shape a new future, a place to seek inspiration to unwid and recharge

The Place

Home of a vibrant global community

Seven is a resort nestling in an area of outstanding beauty and tranquillity in the South of France. An estate consisting of several Mediterranean-style buildings set in a park-like landscape. In these times of turmoil and confusion locations are required, which are conducive to contemplation and which can serve as ‘spiritual service stations,’ providing a time and place in which the spirit can be rediscovered.
Treehouses, Tents and Good Vibes

Seven will position itself as the unique combination of two concepts: holistic centres for personal growth and wellness hotels. It will represent the next logical step in the development of the wellness industry, extending the notion of wellness from a

mainly physical experience to the much deeper level. Seven will be one of the leading platforms for cutting-edge research and development in the fields related to human growth, bringing together leading pioneers and visionaries.

what it
will look like

The variety of available accommodation is an integral component of the overall concept of seven, since it enables each guest to intensify their individual experience by matching the choice of accommodation to the nature and content of the workshop.

Seven embraces the following facilities:
  • 50 room hotel
  • Tree houses
  • Camp site with luxury tents
  • Restaurant
  • Seminar rooms & Lofts
  • Meditation hall
  • Screening room
  • Floatation tanks
  • Audio lounge
  • Creative studio
  • Library
  • Swimming pool
  • Yoga Atelier
  • Spa building
  • Shop
Harold’s Days at Seven

A fictional story

“I am invited to take a short walk through the gardens and the structure, and asked what I would like to know and what my priorities were for this stay. She shows me the huge library, the floating tanks and the meditation hall and gives me some very inspiring answers about what could enhance my stay. I feel very understood, met in my needs and impressed by the diversity of the offer of meditations, amenities, talks and programs available. She also tells me about the possibility of having a private “orientation talk” with my personal coach the next morning, to see where I stand and what could benefit me. I like the way I am offered things without feeling any pressure or implications.”
Before dinner I visit the library with a glass of wine and browse through the impressive collection of books, ranging from quan- tum physics over ecological pioneering over soul retrieval. I could spend my three days here, too, I think with a smile. In the dining room, which soothes my senses with the quiet sophistication, not too much, not too little, with care for even the littlest detail, I am (yet again) surprised to find people very much like me, people like my co-workers, my boss or my team but, as I sit down with three men, I feel that there is a big difference. Our conversations are not at all what I am used to with my peers, but I feel the real interest in their questions, I feel them listening to my answers and what they have to tell me does really interest me, too.