Fostering the potential between physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing

The Offer

Retreats, Seminars, 1:1, Think Tanks, Conferneces

Seven will offer unique, innovative, dynamic and inspirational seminars and programs that facilitate deep transformation and healing in the lives of individuals, families and teams. When we face our most significant challenges on a personal, professional or organizational level, individual coaching and workshops provide a structured, supportive process we can use to guide us through transition and change, navigate a health or emotional crisis, find a new direction or build a healthy corporate culture.

We live in a 24/7 world – always on, reacting to events and demand. This is producing a sense of overwhelm, fractured minds, anxious spirits and a concern about the increase in lifestyle diseases at all levels of society. The coherence and alignment of your inner resources with the outer results you want to produce is essential.

The workshops described below will be running throughout the year. As a rule, these seminars will last from 1 to several days. Programs are based on western psychology & eastern spirituality and include latest findings in the various fields of scientific research.

Leadership & Work
Authentic Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Coaching, Human Flourishing
Psychological Topics
Anxiety, Stress Management, Burn Out, Depression, Sleeping Disorders
Health & Healing
Hypnosis, Reiki, Breath-Work, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Vision Quest, Brain Sync.
Relationship & Family
Relationship Dynamics, Conscious Parenting, Teen Camps, Sexuality
Creative Expression
Arts & Music, Dance, Permaculture, Creative Cooking, Sculpting
Conferences & Think Tanks
Peace Building, Governance, Feminine Leadership, Societal Change, Sustainability

I am looking forward to offer my seminars and talks at Seven on a regular basis. The relationship between me and the Seven core Team has grown for many years, we share the same vision for the world and we are aligned in our values. The place will be filled with great people from all over the world and buzzing with new ideas and creativity.

Nicholas Janni
CEO Core Presence, Leadership Development, Keynote Speaker

After these 2 days, I am blown away, inspired and energized! Ready to change the world.

Sue Liderth
Head of IT - Emerging Markets at Coca Cola

I know of very few environments, which combine spirituality, efficiency, comfort wellbeing, common sense and beauty. Seven fulfils all of these conditions that can enable deep insights into the current possibilities for humanity.

Dr. Scilla Elworthy
Founder Peace Direct & Oxford Research Group, 3 Times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Co- Founder FemmeQ

FemmeQ feels like a much needed software update!

Stefan Schurig
Director Climate Energy & Cities World Future Council, Germany

A sample month at Seven

July 2 - 3
The FemmeQ Conference
A 2-day event with 12 international experts: how can we change out-dated systems and create a more compassionate society?
July 5 - 8
Six Senses Slow Life Symposium
Convening business leaders, policy makers and world leading thinkers to accelerate progress towards sustainable business practises.
July 7
The Seven Talks
An evening with Dr. Scilla Elworthy & Rutger Bergman discussing their books: the “Business Plan for Peace” and “Utopia for Realists”.
July 8 - 13
Leading with Grace & Resilience
A 5-day Intensive with Karen Downes: How to lead from your inherent feminine wisdom and a deep connection to yourself.
July 15 - 16
Systemic Coaching in Conscious Leadership
A weekend with Marcel Hübenthal on stepping out of your shadow to become a better leader.
July 17 - 18
The Seven Open Air Movie Weekend
Award winning documentaries & films which will change your perspective and inspire your soul.
July 22 - 26
Relationships Intensive
A 4-day program for couples exploring the topics of: communication, boundaries, needs and co-dependency dynamics in relationships.
July 29
Saving the World – One Change Maker at a time
Meet the Seven Creative Unit: A day with Alexandra Feldner & Michael Hesse on how to maximize your impact.
Our Events & Conferences

A glimpse of what we bring
into the world

We are a growing, community of likeminded women & men on all continents who are at the forefront of co-creating a vision and proposing strategies on how the world works based on consciousness practices, strategic alliances and deep feminine principles & values. Our team has staged events in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Sao Paolo.

Maud’s Adventures visiting Seven

A fictional story

The week passed so quickly and I loved being with like- minded people from many countries and all walks of life in a beautiful, nurturing setting with every possible comfort. I enjoyed the inspiring and interesting conversations, the new friendships built on a deep, real connection. It felt like life in a community, filled with true feelings, personal responsibility and empathy. I now see the incredible power that a group of like- minded people can create. To see that other people share similar if not the same fears, traumas and dreams. What an adventure! An adventure lies behind me and the next one, applying what I have learnt and understood to my daily life, lies right ahead of me. It truly feels like “Today is the first day of the rest of my life!”
“I am sitting on a big cosy sofa in the fresh air with a gentle breeze is carrying over the perfume of the flowers in the garden I am blown away by the immense variety of meditations that are on offer and keenly read all the descriptions and explanations. I always thought, meditation only was a way to relax and sit still but I discover that many have been created based on the newest scientific and psychological research and are custom made for certain kind of processes. I go on to read about the diverse speakers that are coming here to hold talks or workshops, about the possibility of workshops with horses as guides to yourself, about the breathing sessions, hypnosis seminars and many more.”