Grace happens when we act with others on behalf of our world. (Joanna Macy)

Change Agents

A Home for Social Change

After working as social activists for 3 decades, from transforming the subjugation and marginalization of women in the developing countries to supporting peace builders in hot conflict areas around the world, we understand how important it is to bring together this diverse community of social change agents. They need a place to call home and a space to be nurtured. Forums are offered to support them in tackling the important issues and challenges we face.    
Who is this for?

Ranging from youth activists to grassroots social entrepreneurs, from innovative policy makers to tech entrepreneurs, from scientists to civil society leaders to documentary filmmakers and everyone who is committed to taking effective action in shaping a better world.

The workshops described below will be running throughout the year. As a rule, these seminars will last from 1 to several days. Programs are based on western psychology & eastern spirituality and include latest findings in the various fields of scientific research.

Shifting from Despair to Hope
We are now witnessing globally the rise of mental health concerns. Particularly those who are sensitive and deeply care for the planet and our future. Workshops to heal, restore and inspire are needed.
Empowering the Millennials
Multigenerational wisdom is needed to build on lessons learned from the past and activate visions for the future. Mentoring programs, think tanks and dialogue will ensure this next generation of activists are supported.
Integrating Feminine Intelligence
Feminine values are ascending. As we honour and embrace the feminine qualities of nurturing, listening, and collaborating we will resolve conflicts, redefine success in every realm and lead humanity toward a safer, more peaceful future.
Engendering Creativity into Activism
Supporting Filmmakers, Artists, Storytellers and Musicians using their voice and talents to tell a new story and impact thousands through their creative expression. We can not measure results through the arts but we can witness impact.

I am looking forward to offer my seminars and talks at Seven on a regular basis. The relationship between me and the Seven core Team has grown for many years, we share the same vision for the world and we are aligned in our values. The place will be filled with great people from all over the world and buzzing with new ideas and creativity.

Nicholas Janni
CEO Core Presence, Leadership Development, Keynote Speaker

FemmeQ feels like a much needed software update!

Stefan Schurig
Director Climate Energy & Cities World Future Council, Germany

After these 2 days, I am blown away, inspired and energized! Ready to change the world.

Sue Liderth
Head of IT - Emerging Markets at Coca Cola

I know of very few environments, which combine spirituality, efficiency, comfort wellbeing, common sense and beauty. Seven fulfils all of these conditions that can enable deep insights into the current possibilities for humanity.

Dr. Scilla Elworthy
Founder Peace Direct & Oxford Research Group, 3 Times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Co- Founder FemmeQ

Seven presents: A Year devoted to Change the World

Jan 10 - 15
Young Activists Sympossium
How to activate change and stay connected with your inner values.
Feb 5 -7
Seven presents: the New Masculinity in Politics
A 2-day conference with 8 international experts on "The New Man in Politics". Followed by a 5 days intensive with Robert Schwenkler: "the Brotherhood of Men".
March 8
International Women's day
Dr. Scilla Elworthy invites international Peace Builders to discuss the responsibility of women in the Global Peace Conversation.
April 15 - 22
The Non Violent Conversation Week
Communication is key: we invite you to learn techniques for conflict resolution: like deep listening, mediation and NVC.
The Change Maker Month
Change Maker, Activists and Social Entrepreneurs come together to work on their projects with our creative unit > interviews, film, branding & design for a better world.
June 1 - 7
The Seven "Films for Change" Festival
Award winning documentaries & films which will help you to change your perspective and inspire your soul.
September 14 - 18
Inner Action
Inner Exploration for Outer Action. A 4 day seminar with Karen Downes & Alexandra Feldner based on the work of Joanna Macy.
October 7 - 17
FemmeQ Resident
A 2 Days summit about feminine intelligence in women and men. Followed by FemmeQ workshops and seminars.
November 20 - 24
The International Media Days
Journalists from all over the world come together to discuss the new paradigm of Media & TV regarding positive news.
Our Events & Conferences

A glimpse of what we bring
into the world

We are a growing, community of likeminded women & men on all continents who are at the forefront of co-creating a vision and proposing strategies on how the world works based on consciousness practices, strategic alliances and deep feminine principles & values. Our team has staged events in Berlin, London, Oxford, Brussels, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Sao Paolo.

Dr. Scilla Elworthy

A Personal Statement

Having worked for several years supporting Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Sir Richard Branson in developing the concept of The Elders, I know how vital it is to draw on the greatest wisdom and experience to create a fertile environment for positive, practical change.

That is why I am proud to be part of this initiative because I am confident in the results it can achieve through a multi-generational approach.

– Dr. Scilla Elworthy

Founder Peace Direct & Oxford Research Group
Three times Nobel Peace Prize Nominee
Co-Founder FemmeQ
When I first planned to bring together nuclear weapon’s policy makers from the major nuclear-armed nations, I realised that the environment had to be very special. It had to be nourishing and safe enough for invitees to relax and open up to the perspectives of others.; it also need to be welcoming, beautiful and led by people in whom one could instinctively trust.

It is in the same spirit that I see the innate value of the concept of Seven. I know of very few environments, which combine spirituality, efficiency, comfort wellbeing, common sense and beauty. Seven fulfils all of these conditions that can enable deep insights into the current possibilities for humanity.